How to create your unique global brand

Search your name for free

Finding a unique brand name is typically very hard. Someone, somewhere, in the world is probably using your name or has used your name before. Why waste your time and money building a brand around a name that someone else is using?

Searching for a unique brand name is now easy with the free brand search. Search for a unique name for your business, product or service. Find out who is using your name and how it is being used. Check your name to see if your name is available across 1000+ social media sites and 170+ of the most popular website domains.


Protect your name across the world

Protect your brand name from misuse and ensure you have full control of your name. Stop thieves stealing your name and holding you to ransom to buy your own name back. Prevention is better than a cure and so is proactive brand protection.

The team can protect your name on over 170 website domains and 1000 social media sites. Website domain registration is instantaneous and simple. The social media registration service is fast and secure. We encrypt all your account details and passwords in a secure database for your privacy and security.


Grow your brand and online business

Build your brand with a new logo, website, search engine optimisation (SEO), internet marketing or customised social media sites. Engage and surprise your customers with an active social media engagement strategy.

The team can help design, develop and launch your new logo, website, and customised social media sites. Our trusted and diversified team can also help build your brand by advising and managing your search engine optimisation (SEO), internet marketing activities, and social media engagement strategy.

Why use ipwish?

The iPwish team are passionate about helping people innovate. We want to connect great ideas with great people. Our current focus is to help people find, protect and build strong and unique global brands. And we want to make this process quick, easy and fun. We believe that any person or company should be able to conduct business with confidence in their brand. You should be able to own it, and use it without being bullied by cybersquatters.

Brand protection means you need to be proactive and innovative. If you like your name, there are relatively simple and inexpensive ways to protect your name. Without requiring an expensive lawyer, you can protect your name across hundreds of social media sites and website domain names. Until now, the process of buying and managing domains has been far too difficult and confusing. We have set out to create a much better experience for you in order to make it simple to find, register and set up domains. The iPwish site also has the biggest list of social media sites in the world. Every day we monitor over 1200 social media sites to see which sites are alive, dead, or rising in popularity. While we cannot yet predict which sites will be the most popular in the future, you can protect your name on them for a very modest cost.

We started this site as we were inspired by our customers. We genuinely want to help you grow and succeed. And we promise to provide you with exceptional service while we support you to build your successful brand. We will of course welcome your honest feedback anytime, as we wish to improve everything we do.